Stamp in business – for what purposes can you use it

Stamp in business – for what purposes can it be used?

Running a business is inextricably linked with the preparation of invoices, reports, um and many other documents In the second, the final shape of the software has to be known from the very beginning. Although small, it can significantly streamline and speed up office work. Choosing a machine from one of the trusted companies such as Trodat, Colop or Wagraf you can be sure of perfect quality of print during each stamping process. Which stamp you should choose for your business? Read.

Traditional company stamp

The classic machine is one of the most popular and most frequently selected office stamps. Such company stamp Useful when preparing many important documents . Some re stamp machines can accommodate up to 9 lines of text, while others only 2. That is why, before making the final choice, it is worth thinking carefully about what you want to put on the stamp.

The most important information on a company stamp:

  • the full name of the company or sp The stamp can be affixed to the name and surname of an individual;
  • name and surname of the owner;
  • the address of the company’s registered office;
  • NIP.

The most important information on a stamp The pocket stamp is a different type of stamp:

  • the designation of the registry court;
  • the amount of share capital and paid-up capital (sp (e.g. a joint-stock company).

Additional information, which The company stamp can be found on the company’s stamp:

  • company logo;
  • e-mail and phone number;
  • website address.

If you have already chosen the type of stamp for your professional activities and you know what you want to put on it, the next thing you need to think about is its design. It is best to look for interesting inspirations on the web to m c create a wonderful design of your own company stamp. When buying a stamp, it’s worth choosing the color and type of ink carefully, whether it’s a modern automatic or a traditional stamp.

Date and numbering stamps in the company

Opr traditional company stamps in the office will be useful date stamps and numberers, because they promote speed and automation of work. Every person who he day-to-day preparation of invoices and The company that produces costly documents knows that manual stamping is quite tedious, in addition, you can easily make a mistake. A date stamp is another way of saying “date”stamp with date, kt The traditional company stamp is commonly used in offices, it is useful for speeding up office work, accounting, is popular among the lawyer in and employee in other professions , kt The most important information on a stamp .

Possible uses of the date stamp in the company:

  • to sign correspondence, e.g. the date of sending or receiving a letter, parcel or package;
  • to mark the date of issuance of a document, e.g. invoices;
  • to mark documents The most important information on the stamp is the date of receipt of the receivables;
  • for stamping ypes of agreements This is another very good choice, especially larity of those who re we sign with subcontractors.

In addition to regular date stamps, Stampler also offers.en available In addition to regular stamps, the Stampler range also includes text stamps with which In this case, the content and date are immediately stamped on the sheet of paper at the same time. This is a very economical solution which re saves time needed to perform routine tasks and automates office work.

Numberers, on the other hand, are reliable stamps, for kt The date stamp can be used to make a series of impressions with a selected number. Depending on the model, you can choose the number of repetitions events that can be found on the stamp The number can be changed or the position of the digits can be set independently.

Possibilities of using a numbering machine in the company:

  • to stamp documents For example, an invoice that The correspondence must have an individual number or a series of identical numbers ;
  • for archiving documents In addition to the usual date stamps, Stampler also offers specialised date stamps with text;
  • for numbering multi-page documents .

Pocket stamp in the field

This is another very good choice for entrepreneurs. Ppocket stamps They are, above all, small, aesthetically pleasing, modern in design and at the same time perfectly fulfil their function. One of their greatest assets small size. A pocket stamp is otherwise such a stamp, which Fits in your pocket. It is an excellent, handy tool which You can take it with you anywhere for field work: on your way to the office, on your way back home or on your way to the airport business meeting with clients or contractors and many others.

Pocket stamps are an attractive corporate tool because of their

  • small size,
  • light weight,
  • easiness of use,
  • reliability,
  • the possibility of using in any place and time,
  • convenient to carry.

Another idea for a pocket stamp are elegant pens from Heri Styling and Heri Diagonal and pi ra Heri New Promesa, kt re unique design and ease of use. These stamps can hold 3 or even 4 lines of text in small type. Their use is individual and innovative solution.

Stamp as a form of advertising

A stamp can not only have a practical function, but it can also be a way to give a message to your customers to stand out from the competition. One of the ways on the return price the customer’s attention to your company is to place the logo on the stamp. This is a good idea in a way b professional start up image building. The logo affects the customer’s perception of the company. A stamp with a logo is more original, allows you to identify the company, increases its prestige and expresses respect and care for the company. The stamp can be used on daily stationery, notebooks and other gadgets distributed to customers to increase brand awareness. Promotional stamps, especially lien on a small business, kt hich are not yet focused on mass targets.

Another way to mark your advantage over other companies in the industry is to order a iening a facsimile stamp. It is nothing more than a copy of your handwritten signature on a stamp. Such a stamp can be used for stamping less important documents hether you correspond with customers. Stamp with facsimile will be perfect for marking greeting cards, information or brochures that companies send to their customers. Such a stamp looks much more professional.

Company Stamp – a small but functional gadget

Stamps belong to very practical accessories , who re useful in any company. They can increase employee productivity It can also streamline many of the processes in business. Large selection automat Self-inking allows each entrepreneur to choose a solution to meet their needs. The very orders The stamp application can be submitted online, using a special editor, which can be used to step by step you can define your stamp requirements.

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