Can you find out what future customers think of your business idea

Ms. Kasia would like to open a beauty salon in Silesia, specifically in Katowice, but she doesn’t know what she should specialize in. Do residents need a new place that The company will offer a whole range of cosmetic services? Or maybe it is better to bet only on hand care?

Should Mr Piotr’s carpenter shop expand its activity to other voivodships? ccording to the question whether to move your business to the internet?

Should Mr. Marek change his business profile or does his restaurant have fatter years ahead?

Above all, the strength of successful large companies is testing the product before launching it, from concept to additional features. They have a staff of researchers, an analyst in and huge budgets. This is unachievable for small businesses or individuals b, which re thinking about starting your own business. Their strength is an idea, great courage and faith in its implementation. But even if their intuition tells them that there will not be the slightest problem th winning customers It is a good idea to test your idea before you enter the market j idea.

Not only can you. First of all, it is worth

That is why ING has provided entrepreneurs, also the future ones, with an online tool called Testuj Pomysłem (Test the Idea), which helps to reduce risk and get rid of doubts.
What it gives? We conduct a professional market research on a selected company bie 120 respondent You can also use a special online editor that will help you create your own brand identity and streamline many of the processes. This tool gives you answers to questions about whether your business idea will appeal to prospective customers , whether they would buy the product and use the service. We provide free knowledge on which So far only big companies could afford it. Now, small businesses will be able to operate on the Another way to mark your advantage over other companies in the industry is to.

How Test an Idea works in three steps

  1. Register. Go to the website and fill out the registration form,
  2. Prepare a test. Describe sw j business, prepare up to five questions,
  3. Check the results. Once the respondents have answered, they will find the results in the M j Test.

Facilitating life on your own is our mission

ING Bank Śląski has been trying to inspire Poles for a long time to take your life in your own hands. Setting up a business is one of the best ways to. That is why in the latest campaign we encourage you to take the first step in this direction. We mobilize, but we also give tools, which re can make it easier to get started – The offer includes Testuj Pomyslowy and Pakiet na Start with a leased car or payment terminal.

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