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Dedicated application Hire a team from software house

You do not incur the cost of equipment, recruitment and permanent staffing

Who works on top-of-the-line computer hardware? Programmers, testers and graphic designers. Who bears the cost of this equipment if you employ such specialists ? Employer. In addition, each of these people b will need expensive software. You are not going to release an app again and again and turn your business into a standalone software house? You should think twice about hiring people on a permanent basis.

Another issue is whether you are able to verify the skills of the professionals you hire. For each project you will need knowledge of other languages in the programming. No m You can’t predict in advance whether there will be some personal friction, let alone if you will tie your hands with a long-term contract.

Programmers, UX and UI designers and testers in your team

It will take a long time before your people learn to work together. You cannot predict in advance whether there will be some personnel friction, which The project manager will be able to select such specialists that will slow down the work of each l people b. Team hired in a software company has experience in supporting business processes l work. What is important, it is also used to implement a project in business and have the necessary knowledge to do so.

Software house takes over project management

The process of working on an application includes gathering information, selecting technological solutions, design, programming and testing. Tasks can be scheduled in a manner agile or cascading. In the first case you will have a lot of control over the project. In the second, the final shape of the software must be known from the beginning.

The project manager will be able to choose such specialists in which You will need knowledge of other languages for each project lne goals in the way b optimal. Optimality should be understood here as the highest quality at reasonable time expenditures. They will set up a The contract with the software house contains specific dates and amounts of programming lne aspects of the application and organize the work of the whole team. This is another thing that You can’t predict in advance whether there will be some personnel frictions, let alone that you will tie your hands with a long-term contract in which you don’t have to time to take care of.

Your application will be developed within the agreed deadline

A contract with a software house includes specific dates and amounts. In order for the software house to fulfill its obligations, it must strictly keep them. This billing model is called Fixed Price. It is very tempting for the client because the final price will not change unless you expand the scope of work. You can You will also have to pay a software company for the hours of work of a specialist .

Now think about what would happen if someone on your team lynx from fachowc in your team gets sick? Its illness will influence the efficiency of the whole team. Using IT outsourcing, you have this problem in your head. The specialist will be replaced because the project deadline is crucial.

You want to talk about your software ideas? Visit the Applover website and contact us in any way b. Be sure to take a look at the portfolio tab. You will see what we can do for you.

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