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Sales to foreign markets – potential and threats. What assistance can an entrepreneur count on

Exporting goods abroad allows you to reach new markets and attract new customers Although the use of online channels can help a company become more innovative and competitive, only one in ten Polish SMEs use online channels to trade with business or institutional customers, and only 5 percent of SMEs use online channels to trade with their customers. sells its products overseas.

Sales on foreign markets – whether it is worth?

Starting to sell into European or global markets can be worrying and seem like a major challenge, as well as a risky and overwhelming. However, many of these concerns stem from a lack of adequate knowledge, which system implementation, its acquisition does not have to be difficult. Considering how fast international trade is developing, it is definitely worth considering expansion to international markets in your company. The biggest benefit of starting to export is to significantly expand your potential market, attract new customers and increasing income .

Is selling abroad difficult?

Today, trading on European markets is easier than ever. With standardized regulations across the United States In the European Community, there is no need to worry about legal procedures. In the case of expansion into other markets, it may be necessary to acquire appropriate knowledge on customs and – legal. However, in this respect, entrepreneurs in the voivodship The Silesian region can count on considerable support, e.g. thanks to projects such as InterSilesia. So, when properly prepared, international sales can be a as easy as selling on the home market.

International trade – what entrepreneurs are afraid of?

Research carried out by Internet Retailer and Global E-Commerce Leaders Forum shows that the biggest obstacle for entrepreneurs is the need to are the regulations connected with international trade in force in a given country. Entrepreneurs are afraid of e.g. whether they follow all the procedures and have the right certificates. In addition, we also offer j arouse also international payment transactions. Another obstacle may also be lack of proper knowledge of the foreign market and lack of familiarity with the needs of consumers. However, all these concerns can be addressed. Pom This may include the InterSilesia project addressed to local companies, which The participants will be helped to establish business contacts in the region and to start selling on foreign markets.

What is the InterSilesia project?

InterSilesia project provides knowledge and free services for SME companies running or planning to run export business. The aim of the project is to strengthen and develop the The InterSilesia project is aimed at micro, small and medium-sized enterprises conducting business activity in the region of the Voivodeship. The activities undertaken within the framework of the project are to serve zar e can help experienced exporters to expand into new markets, as well as entrepreneurs who want to ho are just planning their export activity.

The InterSilesia project is addressed to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises conducting business activity in the voivodeship ctions undertaken within the framework of intersilesia.

Activities undertaken as part of InterSilesia

At least 400 companies will be included in the project, and 40 of them will internationalisation model; – Opportunity to participate in a business mission.

In addition, all participants will be able to benefit from specialized consulting services from the scope of: foreign trade, finance In order to participate in the project, you need to register with the marketing and promotion.

Entrepreneurs qualified to participate in the project will be able to benefit from services provided by advisors The InterSilesia Project is a knowledgebased, free-of-charge service They will develop information packages to verify potential foreign contractors The seminar will help to establish business contacts..

How to register?

To participate in the project, you must register by completing the registration form.

More information about the recruitment process and other activities carried out under the project can be found at and at

All activities in the project are free of charge, thanks to the support The InterSilesia Project is a knowledge and in the European Union under the WSL ROP for 2014-2020.

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