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Automation vs. robotization. What is the difference between

Automation vs. robotization – Essential differences

What differ from each other automation and robotization, it will be best explained with the help of an example. In the first of these cases In this case, there is a process that It is a process that takes control and responsibility for the entire sequence of events using some form of controller. Meanwhile robotization, is a process that involves external interference with an existing control system. How it looks in practice? Let’s assume that our goal is to introduce one of the above solutions to improve the operation of the production line. Its automation will require the uploading of software that controls the entire system. Meanwhile, robotization production line, it will consist in introducing to the system an external control element, managing the process.

Automation in application

The use of automation in industry, services and many other industries has become widespread. A good example of its use is the implementation of a system in IT BPM. Automation is responsible in this case for the operation of the entire process, in the most spectacular cases, starting with data analysis and ending with the generation of an optimal method of operation for its course. As a result automation process The robotic system defines and corrects on an ongoing basis the direction in which a given process is going, e.g. manufacturing.

Robotization in application

Activities in the field of robotization are currently gaining in popularity. They find It can also be used in a number of processes In business, legislation and manufacturing, there is no need to worry about legal procedures. Robotisation is being used to streamline the transfer of and banking services. Responsible for data transfers, ERP systems and even logistics and delivery issues. Another example of an area in which rej robotization The application of robotics in the application is in the field of automation t data. Enables data transfer and validation, and what is more – Also their regular updating.

Automation and robotics as coexisting processes

In fact automation i Robotization are activities that hich are often functioning In parallel, supporting each other to make the process and the end result run smoothly. Often by using both of them, you can get the most beneficial, from the point of view of the implementing company, effect. At the same time, although automation i robotization When used together they can achieve optimal results, it is best to leave the assessment of their usefulness in action to qualified specialists, such as Taskoprojekt. They will certainly outline the right direction for implementing process in adequate to individual needs.

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