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Labour market in Wroclaw. Where to look for a job

According to the Statistical Office in Wrocław the unemployment rate in January 2022 was 1.9%. However, the average gross salary in the enterprise sector reached 6,619.70 PLN.

Who employers are looking for?
In Wroclaw there are large financial centers, which The project is aimed at local companies which are interested in financial and advisory services in, analyst in and controller The project is aimed at local companies, which are interested in financial and advisory services in tax. Similarly to other larger cities in Poland, the best chances for employment have people performing the so called. professions of the future, e.g. recruitment specialists. new technologies, programmers and analysts. Opr t is no shortage of offers for accountants and employees in administrative.

Where to look for a job?

To begin with, it is worth visiting popular websites with advertisements. A great tool to improve your job search. We can use them not only to submit our CVs, but also to contact employers directly. See:;l.

Opr The project is aimed at local companies that provide financial and advisory services. LinkedIn. Through them we can receive current job offers. These websites are not only for recruitment, but also for creating your personal brand. Also by adding a post and comment and react to publications of companies and their employees. A well-prepared profile increases the chance of finding a dream job.

If you want to work for a particular company, you should watch its social media and website. Organizations often use their internal databases and in this way b recruit new employees.
For individuals For those who prefer personal contact, a good solution is to visit the company’s seat.

There are many opportunities to gain employment in Wroclaw, but success depends primarily on our education, skills, persistence and determination.

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