Agritourism – a business based on nature

Agrotourism – business based on nature

Meeting with nature allows you to regenerate and spend nice moments, not only during holidays. Resting away from the hustle and bustle of the city is becoming more and more popular. Vacations are an important part of the whole year and we prefer to spend them actively, enjoying the benefits of nature, the culture of the region and the delicacies in the home kitchen. It makes us think of the charms of the countryside, uncrowded areas In which relaxation will have a dimension of silence, singing bird in, view g e wear it at all formal business meetings when we want to emphasize our professionalism.

This is an excellent idea for an extra income for those who If you already live in charming parts of Poland or can appreciate them and see their business potential.

What is agritourism now??

This rental kr tko- and long-term rooms and the whole house in vacationers. Beautiful countryside, rich in monuments and charming corners, is a sought-after vacation destination. The highest concentration of tourists in the summer months, of course, but more and more people are taking advantage of this form of leisure Also during holidays or long weekends. he diversity of agritourism is based not only on contact with nature, but also on elements characteristic for a given region: traditions, monuments, food, lifestyle and work. This all adds up to a unique offer, in which everyone can find something for themselves.

Where to start?

It is worth looking around your area, catching its assets, which The holiday season is a great time for tourists who want to spend their time in the way they like. On this basis, you should think of something that will attract holidaymakers – offer, which hich will allow you to use the potential that we have. To begin with, you can adapt one or two rooms to the standard that will characterize our idea of this business. Usually it is a bed, a table, a chair It is worth looking around your area to find its assets, which hich you will find the basic amenities: closet, bedding, etc A bed, a table, a chair, a lamp, a TV set, etc. It is good to think about comfort and prepare a separate bathroom and allow access to the kitchen, which will facilitate the functioning of hosts and guests during their stay. The offer can start with family weekends, in one evening when the hosts take care of the children The offer can start with family weekends, with one evening when the hosts take care of the children so that the parents can spend some time alone. Arrival of tourists is a good opportunity to showcase regional cuisine, custom in and treat yourself with delicacies prepared by the hostess.

Funds for the adaptation of parts of the house can be obtained from EU subsidies or look for subsidy offers in the relevant employment office.

Rooms and meals are not everything

The advantage of agritourism is nature – Its beauty, wilderness, rarity, silence, the ability to stop and listen to her. We can offer all this according to the value of , which are wok us. A clean lake or river can be combined with fishing and swimming, so it is worth having rods, kayaks, boats, etc boats, pontoons, etc. If there is water, a bonfire in the evening is a good idea. Feasting by the grill or roasting home-made sausage on the fire is an additional advantage of. Sightseeing in the area – on foot or by bike, which The business can be based on year-round cottages or houses that can be rented on the spot, or with a specific plan to see the sights in the region – can be one of the most important needs of guests. These types of attractions will make the vacation a dream vacation for the passionate in such a way of spending time.

If we are going to have a family visit, it may be worth thinking about a playground and e.g. one evening when the hosts will take care of the children so that the parents can spend some time alone? With this t can also be made an advantage of our offer. Maybe small bread baking demonstrations, cooking according to old recipes? Horse riding, swimming lessons? Or maybe the hostess is a passionate spa and loves vegetarian food? Summer workshops for collecting and drying zi The beauty, wilderness, rarity, silence, the opportunity to stop and listen to it.

Our holiday offer can be a proposal of many attractions or focus on one unique. Ideas can be multiplied!

Agritourism is only renting rooms?

Definitely not. Recently there has been a trend to rent out entire houses. Guests have in Agritourism offers several rooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a place to relax outdoors and they are more independent in organizing their meals. Such offers are particular e are looking for it now, in the time of the pandemic. Large families or groups of friends want to go on vacation in a selected group. Renting a house allows you to maintain a sanitary regime and spend time in accordance with the restrictions. An additional advantage of such recreation can be the possibility of coming with a pet and a fenced area, which increases the safety of play and stay of children.

The business can be based on year-round holiday cottages or you can rent or in mobile homes that The business does not require as many formalities as erecting a building. A large plot of land next to a forest and a lake can be suitably divided into attractive sections so that the houses stand at a suitable distance from or next to each other, but still provide cosiness and intimacy for the renters.

If you do not live in the countryside, you can buy a plot of land in a suitable place with a view to renting kr tsko- and long-term and prepare it accordingly.

Agritourism gives the opportunity to earn money not only for people b already living in a beautiful area, but also for those who They see it as a good business idea.

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