6 types of shirts you must have in your closet

6 types of shirts you must have in your closet

Many men divide men’s shirts into two basic types – casual and formal. However, the truth is that there is much more to choose from. Let us look through those, which hich is worth taking an interest in when buying .

1.OCBD shirt

This is an absolute must. This type of shirt is made of oxford cotton and has a button-down collar. Due to its heavyweight fabric it is perfect for cooler days. This is the most versatile version of the shirt, which t shirt is recommended for both men and women both when creating casual and more elegant looks. So if we do not have any shirts yet, let us start with this one. Ideally, it should be in a subdued color to match many outfits.

2.Plaid Gingham shirt

This shirt has a more sporty character. It is in a vichy check, which The pattern is made up of tiny two-coloured squares. As a rule we have a combination of white with blue, gray or red. It is a good option to dress it up for a meeting with friends This makes us think of the charms of the countryside, not overcrowded with land, friends and family or to work, if there is no rigid dress code.

3.Cotton casual shirt

This variant we probably all know. We can wear it with chinos , jeans and shorts. Can be colored and patterned. Often appear on it pockets, stitching. Casual shirts are made of white It is a good option to wear it with short and long sleeves. They are made of pleasant-to-touch cotton, in summer we reach for a thin model, while in winter for flannel shirts. The latter are usually plaid.

4.Linen shirt

Linen is a material which e love in summer. It is extremely light and airy. A linen shirt, like the previous one, is more suited to informal combinations, which We would rather wear it for a walk on the beach than to a party, but it is very comfortable and worth having. To look good on us, it needs to be a little looser than a suit shirt.

5.Winchester shirt

This is a typically business shirt associated with stockbrokers. Its body is colored, while the collar and cuffs are white. It is mandatory to wear a tie with it, otherwise our str j will look unfinished. We wear it to all formal business meetings when we want to emphasize professionalism.

6.Formal shirt to tie

We cannot forget about shirts for special occasions. Every man should have at least two of these – one white and the other in a different color, for example light blue. Shirts of this type have a stiff collar, are always long-sleeved, have no pockets, but have a smooth placket. If you want to wear a tie instead, you should get a formal shirt with a concealed placket. Only such shirt can be worn on formal outings. At the p The visible presence of the button in informal ensembles will not be considered a faux-pas.

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