Genealogy Office – help people search for their roots

Genealogy Office – help people search for their roots

What is „genealogy”? Ot t is one of the auxiliary sciences of history and deals with the study of family ties between people on the basis of their relationship and affinity. Detailed l Another subject of interest in genealogy are selected families and clans, their origin, history and mutual family relations and fates of individual families and clans lnych members families.

Demand for genealogical services

Genealogical research is carried out on the basis of specific sources Thanks to such amateurish searches, they have learned about the sources, especially birth and baptismal records in, marriage in, death. Once the necessary facts have been In a genealogical tree, genealogical tables are made that show the relationships between family members (e.g. family tree).

The reasons for which he people who want to create their family tree are very and there are quite a few of them. From simple human curiosity about what family you come from, to confirming your e.g. The interest in genealogy ranges from the search for information on families of noble, Jewish, or Polish descent to include in applications for citizenship to the search for information necessary for inheritance and estate proceedings and to find out, for example, the history of a family. What happened to the great-grandfather, who ry Polish sailor sailed around the world, settled in America, and never left He left his family in Poland.

How m Binding such a business idea genealogical searches are labor intensive and not at all easy. However, they are made by people passionate about history, the past, for whom there are he realization of such assignments is not only a job, but above all an interesting adventure and a great pleasure. Almost every one of the few people running this business idea started with an amateur search for their own ancestors In, and gradually getting involved in the In the past, the search for members on genealogical forums and portals, helped looking for ancestors in unfamiliar families b of The business idea leaders admit that many people in those living abroad. Thanks to such amateurish searches, they learned about the different sources (In the eighteenth century, the 18th century was the time when genealogical researchers learned the specifics of archival research, which gave them a solid foundation for their work Recent, professional research.

The leaders of this business idea point out that each zab is not only the different language in which the records were created based on which rych establishes the necessary information, but it is also a different kind of metrical book, a different history, and Different religious denominations, different backgrounds of historical events, and different laws At the time, the recipe in law.

A big problem for genealogists is not at all Latin, kt There was a lot to write about early documents t, but…illegible handwriting of priests, who hen you are looking for your ancestors The work of the employees is not only a job, but above all an interesting adventure and a great pleasure. Rounding up the age of the bride and groom or the deceased, distortion of the surname (in the The records of the same persons in different files b it is written differently), lack of maiden names, etc.

– The majority of people b np. in the 18th century. She was illiterate – what the priest wrote down by ear, that is how it was (a deaf person also wrote down by ear) be), m or write something down in the so called “Death Book”. The reasons for which he wrote down his name and surname on a paper roll and then after a few days wrote them down in the book (if he forgot or wrote them down, he could guess later) – m ty those running this business idea. – Latin records do not contain much detail ł in (e.g. lack of parents’ names in marriage records). This causes great identification difficulties. To be sure, you need to look through some years of birth records and check how the baptisms of other children were. Marriage and death certificates are worth reviewing. Two or three acts is too small a pr bka.

However, as those who run this kind of business idea assure – there is a demand for this kind of services in Poland. And it keeps growing.

Searching for ancestors their descendants want to entrust to professionals

The leaders of this business idea admit that many people – as they once were – At the beginning they look for their roots on their own. The more so as a lot of digitalized archives can be found on the Internet. You will find, however, that it is very labor intensive and not at all as easy as it seems – They commission it to professionals. They also come to the conclusion that an effective search requires a certain type of skill.

They are not discouraged by sometimes high costs of searching for ancestors. Sometimes it can take more than a year to build a single family tree, so it is an expensive process – It can cost up to several thousand zlotys. The price depends on the scope of the search (whether the client is looking only for the missing branch of the tree or for all the ancestors The interest in holiday cottages has been growing steadily over the past few years There is still a lack of offers on the market deł. This is because not all of them are easily accessible – Sometimes impossible to find, in They are not discouraged by the high costs of the search for The cost of creating a family tree can be as high as several thousand zlotys in the form of census records, registration books, tax records, land registry books, etc The interest in summer cottages is growing. TSOs etc.

Genealogical research is largely a work at home. It is to the home office that clients come, however due to the Covid-19 pandemic this contact is primarily by email or phone. Sometimes it is also possible to travel to the client if he lives in the area where the genealogist lives.

As mentioned above, this is work from home, but sometimes you have to go in person to the archives in, office , parish – also in the city, in which The genealogist is not only interested in the places where the ancestors of the client lived, but nowadays almost everything is done electronically. Those running this business idea not only perform complex genealogical searches, but also specific searches in state and parish archives. Some They also conduct genealogical workshops or lectures.

Genealogist approaches each order individually, makes a full photographic documentation of places and documents in connection with a particular assignment. Each document is described and catalogued, and the client is kept informed about the progress of the search. Meticulousness, reliability, and honesty are therefore essential in this work.

People are increasingly leaving their homes in the centre and moving to the outskirts of the city where they have plenty of green space tudying your strengths in this adventure – it is still a profession d niche and there is not much competition. Some The Polish people have started their activities within the Academic Incubators in Entrepreneurship – nowadays searching for ancestors is their main a very important occupation.

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