The position of the Ministry of Economy and Labour (MRPiT) on the proposal to base aid for entrepreneurs on a stricter criterion of decline

MRPiT’s stance towards the proposal of basing aid for entrepreneurs on the stricter criterion of a decrease in revenue

The year of struggling with the pandemic has shown that perseverance, hard work and determination of Polish entrepreneurs in and employee had a decisive role in maintaining the health of the Polish economy. But also important was the unprecedented aid, which The government has launched a number of new agencies in the past 12 months.

It was and is aimed at providing employees with stable employment and maintaining financial liquidity of entrepreneurs. During the year, the support has already amounted to nearly PLN 200 billion. The aforementioned amount represents almost 9 percent of the. of the annual GDP of Poland. This allowed more than 6.9 million jobs protected. In terms of the scale of financial assistance for entrepreneurs In relation to the size of the economy we found ourselves in the top The price list is also important, and this can be a bit of a challenge for the EU countries.

In turn, from autumn 2020 – in response to the second wave of the pandemic and p later – for assistance for entrepreneurs e have earmarked in the In various forms, nearly 50 billion zlotys.

The performance of the Polish economy shows that it is more resilient to a pandemic than most countries in the EU. According to estimates in the European Commission only two countries – Ireland and Lithuania – In the last year, the Polish economy recorded a better result in terms of GDP. The labour market also proved resilient to the crisis. According to Eurostat, we are currently in first place in the d country in the EU with the lowest unemployment rate.

This year there are more data and indications for cautious optimism. There are currently more entrepreneurs registered in CEIDG than before the crisis. Growth forecasts are favourable. According to the World Bank, GDP growth in 2021 could be as high as 3.5%. This would mean that the Polish economy – as one of the few in Europe – This year it would still reach the level from before the outbreak of the pandemic.

Government aid policy must be reasonable and responsible, prospective and balanced. The mentioned support for companies and employees The year of struggling with the pandemic showed that perseverance, hard work and determination of Polish entrepreneurs. Therefore, the undertaken actions have to guarantee that the aid will reach first of all those entrepreneurs , kt The small and medium enterprises have been most severely affected by the pandemic and the lockdown. It should be remembered, however, that the current restrictions are largely point-based and regional in nature, not covering the entire economy.

In the public debate, there is sometimes a postulate to base the aid for entrepreneurs on the principle of subsidies for the elderly The proposed amendments, based on a stricter criterion of a decrease in revenue – The taxpayers will be discouraged from keeping this form of accounting, which will result in an outflow to other ways of accounting in which they operate They operate. At this stage of the pandemic, however, it is not justified. The implementation of the project would make it difficult to precisely reach those entrepreneurs , kt The situation was aggravated by the coronavirus and not by, for example, the virus. The reform will take better into account the interests of micro, small and medium entrepreneurs. Granting aid only on the basis of this criterion would mean huge expenditures of funds The burden would be placed on the public purse, i.e. de facto the pockets of all citizens. This would be done without any guarantee that money and support would go to companies directly affected by the pandemic.

In the public debate, there is sometimes a postulate to base the aid for entrepreneurs on the Polish government’s own initiative – taking into account budgetary possibilities, care for precise and efficient spending of funds The SME Envoy appeals to the public and the prospects for the development of a pandemic, with which e will still have to deal with it in the coming weeks and months.

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