Stop abolishing the flat tax


Stop abolishing the flat tax

The changes to the flat tax, envisaged under the Polish Deal, involve raising the tax and contribution burden from 19% to 28% for over 700,000 entrepreneurs. At the same time, the date of introduction of the reform falls immediately after the severe economic downturn for many companies, which will make it much more difficult for them to recover their financial losses.

Banks do not want to hear about loans for industries affected by the lockdown – stresses Adam Abramowicz, spokesman for small and medium-sized enterprises. – These companies may receive money to restore the funds in permanent and needed investments only from own income, and the drafted amendments assume reducing this possibility by 9% per year.

The SME Envoy appeals to The banks do not want to hear about loans for industries affected by the lockdown re currently scheduled for January 1, 2022., with the proviso that the government will not block business activity at this time. Adam Abramowicz justifies his standpoint by the need for the legislator to reliably address the numerous comments made during public consultations and the need to develop a new version of the tax reform, which would allow to reduce the tax burden on businesses The reform will take into account to a greater extent the interests of micro, small and medium enterprises .

After its introduction in 2004, the flat tax proved to be an excellent tax instrument. Has led to a 100% increase in impact over the next few years in the budgeted ones from this tax – sums up Adam Abramowicz, spokesman for small and medium entrepreneurs. – Raising the burden on businesses so significantly The implementation of it would make it difficult to precisely reach those entrepreneurs who are settling a flat tax, discourage them from keeping this form of settlement, cause an outflow to other ways In taxation, it will encourage tax optimization and cost multiplication. This will lead to a decrease in income in the budget, so the assumed by the Ministry of Finance zr Balancing public spending ill not happen.

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