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Beautiful fragrance business idea for life

Is it possible to combine business with pleasure? People who re bound by their j business with the Mary Kay company are the best example of this. The network of independent consultants of this brand covered not only large cities, but also those with only 20-30 thousand inhabitants. They were convinced by the idea of the business already proven in many countries, but also by the clear rules of its conduct.

Text Krystyna Paszkowska

A large group of Mary Kay consultants have previous experience in running a business. All the more remarkable is the decision to become an Independent Mary Kay Consultant. Ladies emphasize that Mary Kay is a company designed for women b, who They want to develop themselves, they value independence.

How to start "fragrant business" ?

Dorota Dubiella-Szramke, Independent Mary Kay Consultant has been in business since 1995. It started out as a general store. For several years she has been associated with Mary Kay. Ms. Dorota emphasizes that the advantage of her current job is that while running a store she had to physically be there and watch over the staff, now this is not required. – As part of team building I have my own consultants – m i Dorota Dubiella-Szramke. – It no longer requires constant supervision. Sometimes all you need is support. This happens, for example, when one of the consultants falls ill This happens, for example, when one of the consultants falls ill, or other unforeseen circumstances come into play. A very important advantage of running such a business is the ability to freely dispose of time, set an optimal schedule for yourself.

How to become a Mary Kay consultant?

Wioletta Jasinska, Independent Mary Kay Consultant – To enter the Mary Kay Company and run your own business, you You have to order your own business buy a startup package – m i. – Starter packs are in the tandard price, depending on what is in a given set. The cheapest starter package costs less than PLN 500. However, I recommend packages at higher prices because they contain more cosmetics. We can then offer them to our clients. The second thing is to organize a cosmetic meeting. Thanks to products that e buy in the starter package we can conduct a cosmetic meeting. We do not sell the proverbial cat in a bag to anyone. Every lady has the right to withdraw b to give away our cosmetics for free at the beauty and cosmetics workshop. And the third task is to attract customers. You can get them really in You can get the money from a variety of places: stores, cinemas, friends, acquaintances, etc e can then offer them to our clients. You can go to They want to develop, they value their independence from various institutions: public, state, social, non-public, to school, etc e can also provide you with the opportunity to meet other people, such as schools, kindergartens, etc. It just depends on your invention and commitment and what you want to do. How much you want to achieve in this business. Above all, to m The more time you spend in this business, the more you will be able to build your own business j her own team ł.

Do you need a business plan ?

A business plan is a document which is to be ry helps to develop the company, it contains a set of instructions concerning its activities.Wioletta Jasinska stresses that business in Mary Kay is really simple, but it is not easy. – Simple because it has a great business plan, which ry is taught at universities all over the world – emphasizes. – It is a linear business, but by entering this business a consultant is already working for herself. I don’t work for a person who The business she was introduced to, but she can work on herself and build her own future. The more time she spends on this business, the more results she will get. Depending on your commitment you can earn from 100 zł, 200 zł, 300 zł to a few or even in p At a later time, several thousand zloty a month. – Cosmetics will defend themselves, because they are very good quality and women who They use them on their own and come back later – emphasizes Ms Wioletta Jasińska. – I have regular clients who They come to me, they call, they want to order again and again, because they see concrete results. Therefore, we do not have to be afraid to enter Mary Kay, because we know what we have. The company gives 100% assurance that our cosmetics are sensational. Even if a customer buys a cosmetic, it may be within two e can replace it or return it to you carry. The company is recommendable and everything is clearly explained.

What the May Kay brand is all about ?

Few companies can boast as rich a heritage as Mary Kay Inc. Mary Kay Ash’s business acumen combined with her desire to help women achieve personal growth and financial success has allowed her to create a company that ra has become one of the world’s largest direct selling cosmetics companies in care and color. Mary Kay employees and Mary Kay Independent Cosmetic Consultants are dedicated to enriching women’s lives by following the Golden Rule, demonstrating an altruistic spirit, balancing priorities and making other people feel important through us. Since 1963, Mary Kay Ash and her company have been giving back to others to follow these guiding principles. Let’s take a look at the company’s milestones to find out how "Spos b for life Mary Kay" changed the world. – we read on the company website.

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