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An ingenious handicraft business. Unique designs for unique customers

The store offers products from sk I have already made dozens of them. It is a one-person business that combines the performance of a product in handmade with all the tasks associated with running a business, including marketing.

The idea was born out of interest, which I developed my handicraft business after I gave birth to my daughter rki – Kasia recalls. – This is how I found the professional sewing course. It turned out that this is what I want to do next in life. Opr cz handbags backpack , mat bags, baggy backpacks The company is highly recommended and everything is clearly explained , cosmetics. Especially bag – backpacks were born when I felt that a regular handbag is very disturbing when you also have to carry a baby on your arm. Recently to these products I also included candles, which I cast the backpack from a concrete mould and pour it with a fragrant substance.

„Oh what a beautiful backpack!”

Ms. Catherine before the start of the company used social media: Facebook and Instagram as well as whisper marketing. The news of its store spread quickly. The store has now been open for nine months.

Sometimes I was also accosted on trips by other ladies on the principle of – „what a beautiful backpack!” – adds. – And so, one by one, my products have been growing in popularity. Recommendation from satisfied buyers is important. Basically, marketing is an ongoing science. I am expanding my circle of buyers. „Casting the net far.” I am thinking about giving handicrafts to galleries and stores because I am aware that the word-of-mouth market is quickly becoming saturated. I am looking for new dr g to reach their customers .The store needed to be stocked, but initially there was not much merchandise The products were made mainly in the sewing room e’ve been giving orders. The merchandise was coming in on a regular basis. They were products with a promotional name „velour happiness”, beyond kt There were very few products on repeat. Usually one unique formula is created r, which makes her feel special. Often requires a specific design. In this way I have already created dozens of them.

Target group – Ladies 25+

For the start-up, Ms Catherine invested at the end of July in 2020. about 20 thousand. The company has received a PLN 1.5 million from the Poviat Labour Office, which ry informed about the desire to start a business. The basic assumption of the business plan was to target customers 25+ – 55+, who Those who want to use the stand out from the crowd, gain something unique, and showcase her „me”.- For me the most important investment was the replacement of home sewing machine, for more expensive more professional with overlock – completes. – It was a heavy duty sewing machine. Two machines plus a professional ironing set with an iron – 11 thousand. PLN. I also had to set aside part of my living room in my apartment for a studio. On top of that, there were the costs of buying server space (monthly over 100 PLN) and outsourcing accounting to an accounting firm (approx. 300 PLN).She also needed to purchase equipment to take photos of her handicrafts, which she could use in the future re creating. Has a good smartphone and DSLR camera. It was also necessary to organize an interesting background and lights. It’s often the case that with the right graphic and photo applications she can get pretty good results using just her phone. By her own admission, the business project still requires her to learn many useful and sometimes necessary skills.

Currently, I’m giving myself a little more time to figure out how the business will grow.I would like to achieve a rate of return of approx.1.5 years – adds Ms Kasia.

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