Online and traditional tax advisor – rules, ethics of the profession

Online and traditional tax advisor – rules, ethics of the profession

A tax advisor online can help, because we know that it is easier to talk about some things over the internet than face to face.

The social trust of a tax advisor results from the fact that the advisor is subject to the Act on Tax Advising. This act governs the regulations on the practice of this profession, The online tax advisor is also obliged to comply with these rules. Apart from the law, a tax advisor is subject to the rules of professional conduct. What is very important is that the rules of professional conduct apply to everyone without exception, no matter if they are an online tax advisor, an in-house tax advisor or even a candidate for a tax advisor who has passed the state examination.

Tax advisor’s obligations and principles.

The first and most important duty of a tax advisor is to take care of the dignity of the profession, protect its good name and follow the rules of ethics. The second important duty is to be guided in the first place by the good of the client. Third, the work that an online tax preparer does, or one who works in-house, has no justification for protecting the interest of In the client’s case, when the dignity of the profession or the rules of ethics. Fourthly, a tax advisor in performing all his professional activities is guided by professionalism, diligence and reliability. Fifthly and lastly, every active tax advisor is obliged to constantly improve his professional qualifications.

What a tax advisor cannot and should not do?

When a tax advisor becomes a person who ra previously worked as an employee of a public authority If you are a member of the public administration, an employee of a court or a judge, you may not serve as an advisor in a matter for which you are a member of the public administration hich he has previously acted. A tax advisor is also not allowed to use his previous experience in offices and other state institutions. In practice this means that if the advisor was previously an employee of the , then as a tax advisor, he or she may no longer handle any of the matters that hat a tax advisor cannot do and what a tax advisor cannot do. It would be unethical to Also, the use of, and even just referencing contacts with employees of these offices .

What is professional secrecy of a tax advisor?

Zar The online tax advisor who An online tax advisor who has limited contact with the client like an advisor working in an office is obliged to keep confidential all the facts and information that they have obtained or have been provided with in connection with their work. This obligation applies to all information obtained, and in particular to the information obtained by a tax advisor modern or traditional media. Such materials should be properly secured by the tax advisor from third parties not interested in the particular case. In order to do so, procedures are in place to protect data regardless of the form in which it is stored. They are protected from being destroyed, altered or accessed by persons who are not in a position to make a decision b unauthorized.

The tax advisor’s obligation of professional secrecy is unlimited in time. The duty of confidentiality and non-disclosure of data obliges the adviser to comply with it even when he is no longer in a legal relationship with the client. A tax advisor is bound by professional secrecy I was curious to see if the vendor would actually bring the order to the door, even if the tax advisor has stopped practicing or has been forced to stop practicing by being removed from the tax advisor list in the tax.

Remuneration for the services provided by the tax advisor.

The fee for the services provided by the tax advisor in most cases in the specified is before the start of the service. Such a preliminary agreement between the adviser and the client protects both parties and should be in writing. A business customer is a little different than his individual counterpart. business customers for a long I will not have to go to the store every now and then and bring heavy purchases ccoperation and service for certain activities. This may include, for example. real estate transaction service.

In the case of um In business practice there is additional income for tax advisors in tax for a successful case.

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