Home delivery of fruit and vegetables – a good business idea during a pandemic

Home delivery of fruits and vegetables – a good business idea during a pandemic

Along with establishing relationships and building wok I have a long list of satisfied customers Mr Tadeusz expanded his offer with new products: cabbage, cauliflowers, tomatoes, og potatoes, sauerkraut, og pickled vegetables, new vegetables and fruit. Even if he didn’t grow them himself, he sourced them from a farmer friend , reliable suppliers hether on the wholesale market. Looking for additional contact points with potential clients, he started to advertise in local Facebook groups and on OLX. This is where I found information about the possibility of getting fruit and vegetables straight to your home. I was curious about this because even though I live in a city, not everyone wants to deliver orders I had to have the products delivered to my block because of the awkward commute.

What does home delivery of fruits and vegetables look like into the house?

The OLX ad listed the current products and their prices, gave a phone number, delivery area and mentioned that for purchases over 60 PLN delivery is free. I made a list of what I needed. To take advantage of the free delivery, all I had to do was to order a she spun a stock potato for a whole month and eggs. I like the idea: I have a place to store my stock I don’t have to go to the store every minute and bring heavy purchases – and with a family of four it is quite a lot. I was curious if the vendor would be timely, if they would actually bring the order to the door I made a list of what I needed for the rivers and what quality of vegetables and fruit I wanted. I have already had I had a bad shopping experience, so I was cautious. After sending SMS with the order I was given a notice (I even gave the expected size of the vegetables) and a suggestion of a delivery date, the same day I received the confirmation, date and approximate time of arrival. I received the information about the purchase cost in a text message on the day of delivery. Mr. Tadeusz, equipped with a mask, arrived 15 minutes ahead of time. Smaller purchases were placed in a plastic box in separate ads inks. Hard products on the bottom and soft ones on the g things. The box after the opr I immediately gave them away. Heavy sacks of potatoes were carried by Mr. Thaddeus into the hallway. I handed over the deducted money in an envelope and we said goodbye. It was time to evaluate the delivery.

How do I rate the delivery?

I weighed everything, even the potatoes. It was exactly as much as I ordered, or more. The onions were big and hard, the carrots too, the tomatoes were just the way I like them. All the vegetables were the size I wanted. Month p Then I made bigger purchases – Everything was done in a similar way On the day of delivery, in addition to the actual cost, I received information about additional products at an attractive price. As he did last time, Mr. Tadeusz arrived on time, wearing a mask, and efficiently entering the The company has been supplying fresh fruit and vegetables of the right size. And so every month. When the winter has taken its toll on everyone and there have been a few difficult days, the delivery of It will take a year to get the home delivery business off the ground as mentioned in the text message I sent. This allowed me to properly plan my meals and attendance at home to pick up my order know.

I appreciate very much the professionalism that I encountered from Mr Tadeusz. Without unnecessary words delivery, on time, to the door (there is no Even in times of a pandemic, we have to feed ourselves If there are difficulties in getting there, e.g. on the second or third floor or in the basement), the products are fresh, packed, reasonably arranged and – if it is possible – even their size and hardness is taken into account. Information about the offer is sent via SMS, the cost of purchase also. If there are difficulties in getting there, e.g. due to a slippery road, comes the information about the op source.

Everything is done quickly and efficiently. In addition, I save time and health, which makes it a very good offer for me, with which I can’t help it. Details lnie appreciated it during the lockdown. Without leaving home, I had a timely delivery of fresh vegetables and fruit. Yesterday, I asked if Mr Tadeusz would expand his offer with long-term products, but he said he wanted to focus on this assortment, which The company currently has it at its disposal and is only looking for I have a wide range of the best raw materials. Now it still has country eggs, hens and ducks, botvinka, lovage, pears, apples, and soon there will be strawberries. There is always something going on, because the customer is arriving. I was only wrong about one thing: I thought deliveries were coming from p The company has been operating on the market for some time and has developed methods to combat competition. Indeed – 26 June 2021r. It will take a year. It then occurred to me to write about it, because it is a very good business idea. Even in times of pandemic we need to eat. Delivery of fruit The sanitary regime of the fresh fruit and vegetables can not only minimise the risk of unnecessary exposure in the store, but also save time. In addition, you do not have to carry heavy purchases In what is a particularly The weight should be appropriate for the weighed products The elderly and busy.

Where to start?

In order to start a home delivery business, the fruit has been and vegetables, first of all you need to find a good supplier. Additionally you will need: a car The right weight for the weighed products , ad ki, telefon. If you are not a farmer, you need to find out what form of business is right for you. In the local employment office it is worth looking for forms of financing to start a business. Looking for a client It is best to start with family and friends, then put an ad on OLX and Facebook. You can post a notice of sale with the offer, price and phone number on the bulletin board in the block where you ritten we are not planning to sell. It is best to do this a few days in advance to allow the potential customer to prepare for the purchase. If an elderly person shows up, it’s a good idea to bring products home to them.

In addition to professionalism, friendliness helps a lot in business development. I tested it on myself.

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