Is it worth employing a personnel consultant?

Is it worth hiring a human resources consultant

One of the harmful myths One of the myths that has been spreading around the world is that hiring a consultant is very expensive. After all, they take a commission for their work… But do we realize how much it actually costs us to recruit on our own?? How m You know the well-known saying „time is money” and it is in this category that we should consider our costs. Let's summarize everything that needs to happen for an employee to be hired. We need to create an attractive ad, post it on e have to create an attractive ad, post it on other sites (sometimes for a small fee), wait for the „runoff” applications, select the most interesting ones, invite the candidate for job interviews, decide which e are still hopeful that this will change in time, as there are few companies that can have such a positive impact on the quality of employees… This takes an enormous amount of time!

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It is simple, isn't it?

Another very harmful myth circulating about the work of consultants The thing about human resources consultants is that they actually select people from ready-made employee lists for a given position. It's easy to see that this is a pack of lies. The duties of such a person include not only matching a person to a vacancy in terms of skills, but The borrower must also provide proof of how well the loan will fit in with the rest of the organisation. It is the psychological issues like belief in the company's mission and beliefs that are really crucial to the success of the whole integration process. Before an employee is hired, an advisor will make dozens if not hundreds of phone calls and send A large number of e-mails that are supposed to help e have to help them find that one perfect candidate!


As you can see, the staffing industry has to constantly fight against unfair opinions that re putting a bad light on her work. However, we are constantly hoping that with time this will change, as few companies are able to have such a positive impact on the quality of their employees in our company! So, the next time you need help with a candidate search for a vacancy – do you know what step to take!

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