Can you set up a company via the Internet? See how to do it step by step

Can you set up a company via the Internet? See how to do it step by step

Formalities related to the establishment of a company may discourage future entrepreneurs. Fortunately, this process has now been largely simplified. All thanks to the changes that came into force in 2011. Since then it has been possible to set up a business online. Today you do not have to visit another office in order to fulfill your dream of running your own business.

Everything is done in an intuitive and simple way b – similar to traditional company formation, except that the applications are submitted online. The applicant signs all the formalities using a qualified certificate or trusted profile.

Setting up a company step by step

Before you start filling out the application, take care of a few organizational and tax issues. Consider primarily over:

date of commencement of business;

You are planning to set up a business premises;

the type of business (the necessary step to choose the PKD code);

the method of bookkeeping (personally or by an accountant);

tax settlement method .

Remember that at every stage you can consult an accounting advisor or an employee of the office.

Step 1. ePUAP profile/qualified certificate

You have two options to confirm your identity while submitting the application and virtually sign the document. The first way is to set up a trusted ePUAP profile via your bank account. Tw j the bank authorizes the data and constitutes confirmation of your identity. You can set up the trusted profile on the website

An alternative is to have a qualified certificate, which It is connected with some costs, purchasing a special device and physically confirming your identity at a notary’s office or other office.

Step 2. CEIDG application

Registering your business is done by submitting an application on CEIDG website. After creating an account and confirming it with a trusted profile or a qualified certificate, you can proceed to filling in the form. After it is approved, the application is automatically sent to the US, GUS and ZUS.

Step 3. Company stamp

This step is not required, however having a stamp is very useful, especially when signing contracts in, or opening an account. It is good to order Set up a company as soon as you receive your NIP and REGON numbers.

Step 4. Bank account

Opening a company bank account It is also possible via the Internet and the whole process takes a few moments. Of course you can always link the budget of your business to your private account, but this is strongly discouraged by the specialist. More transparency and easiness during tax control can be achieved by choosing a separate account.

Save time and manpower ż company via internet

Time to set up your business The cost of invoice financing varies depending on whether you are a sole trader or a limited partnership bank account. In the case of the former, you can call yourself an entrepreneur the very next day after submitting an application. Sp However, it takes a longer time to register – ok. 37 days.

There are many more things you can do online than apply for a business. In this way b more and more people b makes a connection between ooperation with media providers. This is an important part of starting your own business, not only if you are renting a separate property. So it is worth taking care of the Internet offer for companies, which hich will meet your requirements and those of your business. Find out more at https://www.upc.en/business/internet/buy-internet/.

Today, registering a company should no longer be associated with frustrations and fears of future entrepreneurs. The whole process has been made as simple as possible, and it can be made even easier with free smartphone apps that The bank loans are very popular among the d young businessmen .

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