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MBE helps refugees from Ukraine

Mail Boxes Etc Network. has joined in actively helping to war refugees from Ukraine, kt They seek refuge in our country. People fleeing war zones are finding their way to the center of in transit, very often not knowing their final destination. Providing them with address caches free of charge, which rym will have access to correspondence, regardless of their changing location, will help them organise their life in Poland.

We are pleased that our franchisees have willingly joined this initiative and in such a b we can help people who In this extremely difficult time for entrepreneurs, we actively helped those who left their lives behind in a moment and fled the war, although we are aware that this is just a drop in the ocean of needs – m i Ewelina Koniczuk, Specialist for. Network Development in MBE.

The company is also taking action at the global level, joining in to support the activities of the International Red Cross. MBE Worldwide Group has offered to donate to urgent humanitarian needs in Ukraine. Each of the members of the in the MBE Network can e can also provide you with individual support d Ukrainian through the International Red Cross and make your financial contribution, and the company will give in return The value of this amount.

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