Business ideas inspiration for 2022

Business idea inspirations for 2022

There is no doubt that the pandemic has forced significant changes in business hich re had to adapt to the new reality, introduce innovative solutions, listen to customer suggestions, be flexible and creative, and be a leader in the industry They had to adapt to the new reality, introduce innovative solutions, listen to customer suggestions, be flexible and creative.

In turn, people who If you have just started thinking about starting your own business, you need to choose a business idea that will ho will be immune to the pandemic. In this extremely difficult time for entrepreneurs In the course of time, mainly the e-commerce sector has gained. Internet sales are a really great and safe business idea not only during a pandemic, but also after it is over.

We present you some ideas It is a business idea that can that will work in 2022. More ingenious inspirations for the coming year – in the following articles.

Car repair…via Internet

There are favorable conditions for the development of the automotive industry in Poland. In addition, about 70% of cars on Polish roads are more than ten years old, and even older cars need to be repaired and have parts replaced more often than younger ones. The pandemic has led to more than 20% fewer new car sales than in 2019, so the share of older cars on home streets continues to grow.

Increasingly – instead of looking for spare parts for their cars in service centres – drivers order them online. In addition, the services themselves are eagerly sourcing. Another seemingly non-internet product group is slowly conquering the e-commerce industry.

It is no wonder that the biggest players in the automotive market are increasingly taking over online stores selling car parts, wanting to be closer to their customers. This is the optimal time to enter this sector with your own sales platform and other e-commerce solutions.

Significant The difference when it comes to buying car parts online i offline is delivery times. In the event of a lock The average lead time for an online car part is 24 to 72 hours, while a traditional system can deliver the part the same day if needed. This is an important issue, especially in the case of elements The significant and noticeable change was the increase in the number of shops, which The installation of which restores the efficiency of the vehicle. E-shops, which re usually not able to quickly resolve breakdowns, they work better for planned repairs.

However, this situation may change over time, as more and more leading manufacturers enter the chain in the car e.g. Ford or BMW and manufacturer in tires. They will bring their extensive infrastructure and logistics facilities, forcing the online automotive sector to improving their own processes in logistics.

Warehouse boom

Despite the pandemic, the warehouse market in Poland remains in very good shape. In 2020, the stock of modern warehouse space increased by over 2 million sq m. Thus, the total supply in Poland reached 20.6 million sq m.

Nowadays, the importance of so-called ‘reverse logistics’ is growing. Last mile and small city warehouses (SBU) serving the customer in the e-commerce sector. To minimize the potential risk of losing liquidity in the flow of goods companies are realizing the need to reorganize and skr The existing supply chain has to be expanded – hence their interest in warehouses located in cities. It is on these products that the developers operating on the market today.

It is also important to note that Despite the unusual situation caused by the pandemic, the majority of warehouse projects under construction were completed on schedule. From the beginning of 2020. There has been an upward trend in the amount of new space delivered to the Polish warehouse market. Also developers from other sectors The Polish warehouse market is becoming more and more attractive as a result of the intensive development of e-commerce and courier services Thanks to the intensive development of e-commerce and the courier industry, it is becoming an attractive form of capital investment.

In 2020, tenants showed record activity – annual demand reached 5.4 million ². For por The development of e-commerce and the courier industry is becoming an attractive form of capital investment. The total volume of leased space will result from 4.3 million ², which is an increase of nearly 26% y/y.

Companies are developing online sales channels and therefore increasing their warehouse facilities, which is an additional motivation for investors or investment funds to expand their j investment portfolio by this type of space.

Taking into account the amount of space currently under construction and the demand for it among the d tenants e can predict that the next The e-commerce sector will also be promising.

Food industry on the Internet

Pandemic restrictions and closures of shopping malls and some ransactions with their stores This has led many business owners to move their sales to the Internet. Customers, on the other hand, are more and more willing to purchase online, even if they did not practice it before. Many of them continue to do so despite the lifting of some pandemic restrictions and the operation of all stores .

The shift of sales to the Internet has resulted in record results in almost the entire industry e-commerce and its development.

Many businesses have moved online These are the products which Until recently they did not even consider it or it was a very distant prospect for them. A significant and noticeable change was the increase in the number of stores offering food products online. Access to simple e-commerce solutions allowing some to buy conveniently and others to sell quickly and effectively has proven to be a key factor in the accelerated transformation of the market.

Poles are eager to buy groceries online as it saves them time and money, especially since the purchasing process itself is uncomplicated. They also make it easier to The company’s customers are realizing the necessity of reorganization and reorganization. Create shopping lists, save previous orders, and make them easy to use The grant will be used in accordance with the application form The results of the survey are based on previous data. In the food sector, like no other, such details are extremely important and valued by customers. Apart from that, buying products It is a great convenience to be able to eat from your own chair.

As can be seen from the The research carried out among the The food industry is still not yet fully exploiting the potential of e-commerce. It is therefore possible to use it while implementing one’s own business idea – develop j food on the Internet may also be the key to the stability and development of the whole sector. Encouragement to use e-commerce in the food industry can be provided by the positive experiences of those who Those who have already decided on such a solution.

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