Virtual assistant business idea

Is virtual assistant a good business idea? ?

Who is a virtual assistant? This is a person who ra in the way b the remote does the work for us, e.g. For some, they will send an e-mail, make a phone call and make an agreement You can use them to make an appointment, prepare a document, answer the phone, write a post or a procedure, create a graphic, order a She will make a gift, write an e-book. By delegating responsibilities to a virtual assistant, we gain time while having the right things done. I first encountered this phrase when I was looking for a full-time position myself. New offers only discouraged me – I was overqualified, and for reasons In my family, I could not work in middle or high management, because it requires a high level of availability for the employer. On the mum-job I read about the advantages of WA: fully remote work, the ability to adapt tasks to your skills and perform in the chewing at different times. I found out from the Internet that virtual assistants can not only work remotely, but also on-site. They are not employed on a permanent basis, but are bound to the contract with the client They may also have an employment contract, a personal data entrustment agreement, a contract for specific work, etc. It depends on the type and frequency of the services performed. You don’t have to set up a business right away – at the beginning you can run an unregistered business. A virtual employee is available within the scope defined and agreed upon by both parties, so you have more influence on when and how you work b works. This flexibility is very much appreciated by moms or people who frequently commute chewing.

Who can become a virtual assistant ?

There is no particular There are a lot of restrictions. Assistants/assistants can be people who The most important thing to remember is that not every bureau provides similar information. Some s people consciously choose such a profession d, because they can do it even when work in a normal mode and place would be difficult (e.g. if you are on crutches or on a wheelchair (e.g. in a wheelchair). A virtual assistant is not only a person who You can easily verify your honesty on the basis of the duties you have performed i shopping or gift online. May have a specific specialization and deal with e.g. exclusively designing and moderating websites, creating graphics, logos and online image or copywriting. She can also have several of these skills and support the client comprehensively, but then she is more of an office manager than an assistant. He still works remotely, but with more time on his hands Diversity and complexity.

What is important in this profession?

When working on the web, the right skills are most important, as well as honesty and discretion. The outsourced tasks should be performed professionally, at the highest possible level, and our work cannot violate the rights of the owners of the company b thirds. Honesty is very easy to verify on the basis of performed duties. The client is not present during our work, he/she can only see a part of it It is therefore important to define your skills and to take responsibility for them publicly as you put your name to what you do. Why discretion is needed? Very often on behalf of our clients we perform tasks which are You do not need to have an office right away, so the initial costs are much lower. Our work, based on the copyrights included in the contract, becomes the property of the principal. When we run a blog or moderate a company’s fanpage, we act as a principal – on the basis of the contractually agreed-upon co-operation orking with privileges such as access to e-mail, Facebook account. What else is important? Creativity in problem solving and willingness to develop. There is no specialist for everything, so everyone should choose the area in which he/she is best suited.

What are the starting costs??

It depends on what we specialize in. Regular administrative work requires a computer, multifunction printer (scanner is useful for documents and fax for contacting government agencies), phone, software, external drive for storing sensitive data, and accessories office supplies facilitating work organization such as: binders, organizers, folders, correspondence log, date stamp, stationery, fast charger, good headphones, webcam, microphone, comfortable computer chair. We already have most of these things at home. If it was an area related to creating high quality graphics, you would need the right equipment, monitor, graphics tablet, graphics software, etc.

You do not need to have an office right away, so the initial costs are significantly lower. You can also benefit from a grant to open a business. It is worth reviewing the news from the relevant county employment office.

How much does a virtual assistant earn??

With a virtual assistant you can bill on an hourly basis (rg. – In the case of simple assistant jobs, prices start from PLN 1.00/hour), in packages or projects (complex and long-lasting orders). The rates are depending on skills and experience. Usually in case of simple assistant jobs net prices start from 40 PLN/rg. for those who are just starting this adventure up to more than 90 zł/year. for assistants with more than 10 years of experience. It is important to carefully match the needs of the client with your skills. If we undertake a task that is not feasible at the time, the outcome and references may hinder us further down the road.

Minuses of WA work

In addition to many advantages, there is also a dark side. First – being your own boss requires a lot of discipline and good organisation, especially for assistants with more than 10 years of experience You do not have to have an office right away, so your initial costs will be much lower. Now that in most voivodships The importance of remote learning is that you have to be responsive and flexible in your work alongside the children you are teaching. It is not easy. Secondly – the client will not come to us by himself, we have to look for him, which means that there will be no fixed salary as in the case of a permanent position. Earnings are variable. You have to take that into consideration when choosing this profession. Thirdly – continuous development j. For some it is a minus, for others not. Trainings, webinars, meetings on Zoom in thematic groups, often in the evenings and on weekends. This requires time and awareness that in addition to the job there is also a training, development j, kt This does not immediately translate into money. Fourth – if you plan a vacation or get sick, you still have to do the work. Either in advance, if you know your holiday plans, or after an illness. No one will do it for us. Fifth – not everyone is suitable for this, even if they can use a computer.

For me a virtual assistant is a dream job. I reconcile my home and work duties, I develop myself, I am responsible for the vision and development of my company j your company. I work with enthusiasts, which is very important to me, because I value good relationships. I fulfil myself as a virtual assistant and office manager by combining my skills with 20 years of experience.

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