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The InterSilesia project is underway. Silesian SMEs will receive support in the field of export. The program supports the internationalization of companies

International trade is growing rapidly. More and more Poles The programme supports the internationalisation of enterprises The Centre will organise workshops, conferences, and will be a venue for workshops and conferences. Forecasts predict that after the end of 2022 the global value of cross-border trade between companies will increase by 30%., up to PLN 35 billion in dollar. In spite of this, a large part of Polish enterprises from the SME sector is still reluctant to broaden the area of sales and expand into foreign markets. The fact is that exporting goods The development of an internationalisation plan requires multistage preparations. Before the commencement of the sale of goods In order to make the expansion profitable, the company must take several steps .

It is necessary to develop a detailed plan and model for internationalisation, to thoroughly analyse the market from a formal and legal point of view, to create appropriate conditions for The project was implemented by the G Fund, as well as gaining the first business partners. Number of mandatory The time necessary for their realisation may be demotivating, but thanks to the expansion to foreign markets the company becomes more innovative and competitive.

Especially for SME from the Silesia voivodeship he InterSilesia programme was created for SMEs from the Silesian Voivodeship which plan to start exporting or are already engaged in export activity. As part of the project, entrepreneurs will receive Substantive and practical support in the area of internationalisation and all procedures related to expansion onto foreign markets. Participation in the InterSilesia project implemented by the G rnośląski S.A. in partnership with the Silesian Voivodeship The project is free of charge.

Support for micro, small and medium enterprises

The InterSilesia project is dedicated to SME sector companies from voivodeship The Centre will provide services for entrepreneurs from the Silesian voivodship, and more specifically for ishing to expand into foreign markets. Companies will be able to take advantage of a wide range of services. The aim of the project is to strengthen and develop the The aim of the project is to support the internationalisation of Silesian companies, their economic promotion on international markets, and to increase knowledge and awareness of internationalisation. Participation in the programme provides for substantive and practical support from qualified and experienced experts in international markets, as well as assistance at the whole stage of the internationalisation process – From market analysis and selection, to assistance in finding the first customers .

Modern Internationalisation Centre in Katowice

As part of the project, an Internationalisation Centre will be established – This is the place where The project will provide entrepreneurs with comprehensive knowledge about export. The Centre will organise workshops, conferences, will be The project also provides exhibition space, a conference room and co-working space. The Internationalisation Centre will provide services for entrepreneurs The programme supports the internationalisation of enterprises in the SME sector ry want to start or expand their export business.

Among d them.:

Entrepreneurs will be provided with advisory and consultancy services directly related to their international activities as well as with improving the knowledge, competencies of staff and management, streamlining the process of internationalisation The programme provides for the development of a detailed internationalisation plan and model. Initial diagnosis of needs.

Consulting services connected with preparation to acquiring a certificate The programme provides for a wide range of activities and tools applied in relation to specific markets and industries.

Export marketing consulting services supporting partner search in to support The programme is designed to encourage cooperation in selected markets.

In the long-term perspective, the effectiveness of the selected The programme offers a wide range of activities, tools applied in relation to each The support for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in companies will be subject to verification. This will enable us to select the most effective and cost-efficient products and services g entering foreign markets and supporting export activity.

Such activities will enable The project will also consolidate model solutions in the use of business tools and will undoubtedly contribute to bolder actions of entrepreneurs In the long term, the effectiveness of each also a national one.

Thanks to this, the economic stabilization of the region will be ensured and the voivodship will receive a new, more The Silesian Province will improve its position in the ranking of the implementation of innovative technological solutions.

Internationalization platform

Currently, an Internet platform is being developed that will serve as a knowledge base on export and services provided under the project. The platform will also include a database of offers of support for the company The platform will provide access to services provided by international trade and finance experts. The platform will provide a lot of information, available They will also provide support in determining the initial strategy of expansion into foreign markets. The tool will be supported by a number of The project was accompanied by a database containing key export data.

The platform will serve as a specialized knowledge base in

business change management in terms of introducing product and service innovations,

the financing of export activity,

international trade law,

manner and forms of conducting business on the target market.

In addition, the platform will be a tool to promote the region in terms of investment opportunities in the voivodship Silesian voivodship. The database will contain numerous indications The platform will provide a lot of information, available. Via In addition, all participants will be able to take advantage of specialized advisory services The database will provide information about the economic and infrastructural conditions, available human capital, legal and–administrative aspects of running a business, as well as legal and financial issues.

A platform dedicated to the project will contain a list of current information about international trade fairs and exhibitions, access to a database of offers and proposals for support The tool will be supported by a database of foreign partners in business, automatic partner matching system in business and much more.

The platform will make available services provided by the business administration programme The project will be carried out on a jointly developed level ties, e.g. Enterprise Europe Network

The InterSilesia Internationalisation Platform will be prepared in accordance with the concept of universal design.

Individualised internationalisation model

At least 400 enterprises will be included in the project and 40 of them will receive,

individual model of internationalization,

opportunity to participate in a business mission.

This is a special project path which will be developed in accordance with the concept of universal design The tool will allow to adjust the plan and strategy of entering a market with the highest precision.

Project participants will be able to participate in meetings, workshops and conferences with the best experts in the field of international trade, law, finance and accounting The following information can be obtained from the Enterprise Europe Network.

– Our expert staff in order to help In the development of an optimal model and strategy for internationalisation. This is one of the factors in, kt The project participants will be able to participate in meetings, workshops and conferences with the best experts in the fields of international trade, law, finance, etc. What’s more, we have a network of advisors They will also help with marketing and promotion in foreign markets, which Our expert staff will assist entrepreneurs in establishing contacts business and organizing meetings. They will also monitor companies, support them and provide them with key market information. It is necessary and detailed for It is very important when taking the first steps on foreign markets – explains Krystian Stępień, President of the G Fund The platform will be a tool to promote the region.A.

For the company, which The project will create a personalised model of internationalisation for those companies whose export readiness index is at the highest level. Its rating is influenced by a number of factors The platform will provide access to information, e.g. conducting adequate research, developing a business model, analyzing personal potential, checking financial security or preparing a marketing strategy.

Everyone will benefit
In addition, all participants will be able to benefit from specialised advisory services in the field of: foreign trade, finance The platform will also make available a database of offers on the Internet marketing and promotion.

Entrepreneurs qualified to participate in the project will have access to services provided by advisors in foreign markets, kt They will prepare information packages to verify potential foreign contractors They will also help you establish business contacts.

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