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How to open your business…without money cz. 2

Realizing your own business idea without savings and financial input is possible as there are many business sources The Ministry of Family and Social Policy together with the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego have introduced a package of assistance for borrowers. Thanks to some The Ministry of Family and Social Policy The first one is a business without own contribution, thanks to others you can get money to start a business, and thanks to still others – you can get a repayable loan. Everything really depends on individual needs, expectations and criteria in the applicant – Everyone can find the right support for themselves, which re will allow you to set up a business without bringing in your own money.

Seed capital funds

Business ideas with a high potential for innovation, but which do not have any which the future implementer does not have money to start them, they can get assistance from the fund in seed capital. These are venture capital (VC) funds. With this solution, you can not only get the necessary resources to develop j your own business idea, but also professional support and access to the market in sales and contact in business.

Of course, something for something – The investor will help you in exchange for the possibility of interference in Tw j idea for a business, but the undoubted advantage is that you can start and develop it. These funds are most often used by start-ups’y. Shares of the investor in the sp In the case of a collective shareholding (usually between 30 and 50 ) are allocated to e.g. for the commercialization of an innovative product or service.

Although seed funds are interested mainly nnovative ideas, it They are willing to engage their funds in already proven business solutions.

Under the wings of…Angel in Business

Business Angels are institutions similar to seed capital funds, often grouped in Business Environment Institutions. This name is used by private persons who have capital and want to use it to finance external and idea on business and companies. Receiving Angel support In return, people give them a package of shares in their company.

Business angels invest their capital in your start-up’and enterprises which are often at the initial stage of development. They have previously successfully developed a number of their activities and now want to invest capital in business ideas of the next generation tw rc. With the experience gained in the course of running their own business idea, they offer businesses not only financial support, but also a kind of mentoring and a network of contacts. This is much more than they can offer e.g. banks.

The advantage of wsp Cooperation with a business angel is certainly the fact that the agreement concluded with him does not require collateral in the form of assets in-person.

Crowdfunding, or aid…Internet user

The term comes from dw The English words „crowd”, i.e „crowd” and „funding”, programme, i.e. financing. It consists in asking the originator of a business project for financial support from the Internet offering them certain benefits in return. On the Internet you can find several popular services in which everyone has the opportunity to announce their business idea and raise money for its implementation.

The venture is financed by a large number of small, one-time payments made by Internet users in those interested in a business idea. Web accessibility makes it easy to communicate about projects and create woks community. From the collection public crowdfunding odr It is financed by a large number of small, one-time payments made by the Internet user b donating money to a given idea for a business, in a form previously established. In the case of a crowd hile the public contributors are donors and receive nothing in return.

Academic Business Incubators

M In the simplest terms Academic Incubators of Entrepreneurship are foundations created by universities, which are responsible for the creation of start-ups They are supposed to be a support for people b who want to pursue their own business idea. In accordance with art. 148 of 20 July 2018. The Law on Higher Education and Science are created in order to support business activity of the employee in university, doctoral student and student The project is financed by a large number of small, one-time payments made by the Internet user.

Academic Business Incubators will give you the opportunity to verify whether your vision of your own business has a chance to prove itself on the market without taking the big risk of running your own company. Also people already running their own business can take advantage of the programs offered by incubators .

Using the support of AIP you do not have to make your own income tax return because the Incubator will do it for you. You also do not have to pay Social Security because your company is not a legal entity – This is because you benefit from the legal personality of the Academic Incubators The banks in the Entrepreneurship Office, which makes you a full-fledged entrepreneur without having to register your business. To issue invoices and conclude contracts you use the w at the time of registration of the incubator.

AIPs are divided into those dealing with pre-incubation (support for people b before establishing a business – There are many ways of incubating businesses (e.g. without registering your business with the authorities you can act as a division of the incubator, using its legal personality) and providing assistance on an incubation basis (support from the moment of registration of the business in the form of assistance with premises, legal advice, accounting, office facilities, training and consulting, assistance in raising funds In the EU, etc.).

Social Business Incubators

They are created by local governments or NGOs. They offer advisory, training and infrastructural support to social economy entities, labour market institutions and social assistance and integration institutions, as well as to people interested in establishing or operating for the benefit of social economy entities in the social economy.

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