How a professional baseball field is built

How a professional baseball field is built

Professional fields are slightly larger than those in amateur leagues. Almost all of them, however, are between 88 and 121 meters long and between 130 and 150 meters wide. The entire pitch area is a slice of a circle with a 90 degree angle °. Head The main part of the field, the inner field, is a square with a side of 27.43 m. In the central part of the square, there is a special hill rhymes for pitcher. It is 18.39 m away from home base.


Every baseball field has two head Different parts called infield and outfield. The infield must be a square with a side of 27.43 m (90 degrees) p). It contains home base and three other bases (first base, second base and third base). There must be grass in the entire square area, except for the pitcher’s mound. Defensive players who The outfield positions are: pitcher, catcher, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman and shortstop.

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The dimensions of a baseball field primarily take into account the outfield, which is an re is the largest area of the entire sector to be played. The outfield is the grassy area between the two foul lines formed by the extension of the two sides in the aforementioned square. The defensive players located in this area occupy the positions of left, center and right defender.

Bases are 15-inch (38 cm) squares made of white rubber or pł tna. These mark the three corners of the infield (the fourth (g is home base). In order to score runs, runners must reach base one at a time in reverse order to score runs The clock winds down until they eventually reach home base.

Home plate

Home base or home plate (wna is one of the most integral elements of the Baseball field. Looking at the playing area from g ry, home plate is located in the lowest corner, marked by a five-sided piece of white rubber. This is the place where here batters make their hits and runners have to safely wr Touch the home base to score a point for your team.

The batter’s box

The batter’s box is a place in which The batter takes a swing and hits the ball. There are two such areas, one on either side of the home base, to give the ball a chance to strike out an outline both left- and right-handed players.

Catcher’s field

The area for the catcher is the place where rym catcher does a squat to get the ball from the pitcher. The catcher is behind the striker and in front of the umpire nym.

Separated fields for the coach

Rectangular areas for the coach are located at first and third base and are used during a team’s offensive action. Coaches direct players and give information on when to stay on base and when to run on.

Baseball dugout

Benches for substitutes infield is usually located below the level of the field between home base and first or third base. On each pitch there are two so called “catchers. dugouts – one for home team and one for away team. Generally the bench is occupied by all the players , which The players are not obliged to be on the field at a certain time. In addition, the dugouts are occupied by league-authorized staff and coaches. Dugout is also a place where The running belt is where the players’ equipment (gloves, sticks, helmets) is stored. From the substitutes’ box, managers can prompt players with special gestures in manually executed.

Warm-up circle

Just before the entrance to the dugout, there is a circle for players in which they can perform pr bne swinging the bat. Baseball has the dimensions of a field so specified that there are two circles, one for each team.

Running belt

The dimensions of a running lane on a baseball field are 0.9 meters wide and 13.6 meters at length. The running lane starts exactly halfway to first base. The basic principle of m The company should therefore first create the best possible warm-up circle ry includes white lines. Both feet of a player must be inside or on the line. This is to ensure that defensive players have a fair chance to throw the ball to the first-baseman without accidentally hitting a running batter with the ball.

Pitchers mound

The special area for pitchers is the circle of land in the middle of the infield. A pitcher stands on it, making his throws toward a catcher located at home base. It is called a mound because it is slightly sloping, like a small hill.

Neutral field

Despite the presence of so many defensive players on a dimensional baseball field, there are still areas to which A special area for the pitcher is a circle of dirt in the middle of the infield that cannot be reached quickly by any player in the defensive bullpen. This area is usually located in the shallow part of the outfield or closer to the infield between the pitcher’s mound and home base.

A place intended for reserve pitchers (bullpen)

The bullpen is a designated area, slightly off the field, where reserve pitchers warm up. It consists of two ch set in the pitcher’s mound and an imitation home base for the catcher, as well as benches and a phone connecting the bullpen to the coaching bench. In every stadium there are two bullpens, one for the home team and one for the away team.

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