Glamour style. How to arrange an interior according to this trend

Glamour style. How to decorate your interior according to this trend

A palette of colors The range of colours in the glamour trend is really wide. Lovers of subdued, uniform colors will probably like bright shades: creamy white, warm beige and delicate grey. A proven color duo is Also a combination of black with white. The glamour style often includes silver and gold accessories. You prefer stronger color accents? Opt for darker colors from the violet palette in, ż and turquoise .

Glamour materials

When creating a modern arrangement, it is crucial to skillfully combine colors The amount of work you have to do on your own In contrast to the Scandinavian style, glamour relies on artificial sources of light so as not to overwhelm the interior. In the glamour trend appear zar exotic woods as well as glass and crystal. Sofa and armchair upholstery żk The most frequently used fabrics are velvet, and pillowcases and bedspreads are made of velvet satin and velvet.

Glamour furniture

To the glamour style fit zar both classic furniture and modern models. This opens up many design possibilities. Those who prefer classic solutions will probably opt for large sofas and chairs referring to the art deco trend. In the glamour living room, a sofa set made of shiny leather is a perfect A quilted chaise longue in a closet. A characteristic feature of glamour style are g Original finishes on the furniture. Chests, closets and cabinets have decorative elements in the form of stylized handles and grip .

Glamour accessories

Glamour style can be defined as “controlled glamour”. Despite many additions nothing is accidental. Each piece of furniture is well thought-out and plays a role in the interior. One of the most important additions in this trend there is a mirror – preferably large and in a wide, decorative frame. Lighting is no less important. In contrast to the Scandinavian style, glamour relies on artificial LIGHT. The interior should not be very well lit in order to create an atmosphere of mystery and sensuality. To create such an atmosphere are great chandeliers – beautifully diffuse the light, and in addition look spectacular. A glamour bedroom cannot lack candles – big, white ones in transparent glass vessels. It also includes crystal trinkets, photo frames (in terms of nutritional The most important elements of the interior design are: furniture (to hang on a wall or to place on a dresser top), porcelain and velvet bedspreads and curtains. Your glamorous interior will instantly shine.

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