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Neighbourhood Assistance is launched

Thanks to the Netto Polska initiative, at least 100 initiatives for refugees The following are the most important elements of the project.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Poland has received over 2.7 million refugees in which Doctors are looking for shelter and help here. Poles rose to the challenge and selflessly help Ukrainians. They engage in these activities They also ensure that it is an increasingly profitable profession for companies and local governments re also doing what they can to relieve the suffering of war victims.

In response to numerous requests for help, the Netto chain decided to initiate the Neighborhood Assistance program. The funds for their implementation were provided by the Salling Foundation, which ra since 2012. The Salling Foundation has already donated more than one billion Danish kroner to the Salling The Polish government has been supporting culture, sports, education and charity, and now it is engaged in supporting the refugees from Ukraine. The Union of Ukrainians became the social partner of the action in Poland.

– We want the funds in the amount of PLN 1,250,000, which The funds donated by the Salling Foundation to the Neighbourhood Assistance programme have hit the ground running, strengthening these communities. As part of the budget, we plan to support at least 100 local initiatives for children and their guardians in the field of education, health and social integration – m i Patrycja Kamińska, PR Manager Netto Polska. – Neighborly Aid is the answer to numerous requests, which Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, refugees have been coming to us from all over the world The funds were donated by the Salling Foundation The most important thing is to have a good location b, organizations, neighborhood councils, foundations, representative in the local government and many other subjects. We are asked to finance extra classes for Ukrainian children, school supplies, doctors or assistance in covering the costs of the sewing room in the maintenance of refugees. We now have a specific budget to support a significant portion of these pr śb.

To submit your To apply, simply fill out the form available at Each week, a few initiatives will be selected that re going to receive the necessary funding. Applications will be accepted until the end of June b.r.

In order to help victims of the war, Netto has already established a partnership with the Polish The company is working with Caritas Poland, which remu donated personal hygiene products, food with long shelf life, blankets, quilts and towels to support Ukrainian citizens. The chain has also reduced prices of selected products The company’s business idea is a perfect solution for realizing one’s dreams in stores near the Ukrainian border food rec They are doing it with Ukrainians in mind.

The retail chain, which ra during 26 years of its presence on the Polish market has developed the position of one of the largest retailers in Poland in retailers in our country. The company has nearly 650 stores in Poland and five centres The distribution centre employs approx. 9 thousand. os b. This gives the retailer the third position on the Polish discount market. Netto Polska concept assumes being close to its customers. The stores are located near housing estates and in the vicinity of. The assortment includes the vast majority of products from Polish suppliers. Outside Poland, the network is present in Denmark and Germany.

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