Business idea for a steam car wash

Success in business with a steam car wash

Car wash is not a novelty – We are familiar with automatic, touchless and self-service. However, steam car washing is not yet a common service, but it is a very promising form of cleaning, as the founder of SteamPower Car Wash has found out, Jarosław Sk ra: – I have noticed a niche in this type of business in my area. I started to take an interest in this topic and screwed I have already been to a presentation of the possibilities of steam car washes. These are really impressive, which is why they attract a lot of and investor in, as well as customers in the final. – Steam car washing is in no way inferior to washing cars at a manual water car wash. In many situations it is better, because hot steam under proper pressure penetrates hard to reach places well and gets rid of bothersome dirt – argues sw business choice Dariusz Marunowski, wsp he owner of a steam car wash EcoCzyścioszek. We steam clean to dry, without leaving any dirt, without hectoliters in water, cleaning chemicals and wastewater production. Ecologically, economically and – important – effectively. So you can make a clean business out of steam cleaning – zar Both when starting from scratch and when expanding an already running business (e.g. In order to meet your needs, we know about these automatic, touchless and self-service.

Mobility, or I can do more

A mobile steam cleaner is more than just a piece of cleaning equipment. This car The steam cleaning service can be provided at any location by means of a steam cleaning van (or a trailer) with all the necessary fittings and equipment to provide steam cleaning services at any location. And that’s its advantage. – Steam car wash has more applications than traditional water car washes. First, it is mobile, which allows you to provide premium services at your customer’s – in his home or business – highlights owner of SteamPower. In this way b, where the customer cannot, there will be a car wash, which will benefit both sides – Earning service provider and satisfied customer with the flexibility of service. And as we all know, adapting to their needs is the key to success in business, which is confirmed by the history of EcoCleanoszek: – Initially, the company’s m j wsp GreenSteam has provided mobile services to several customers. Then he opened a car wash in his garage and received them there. In order to increase its visibility, it can be used in the interior of the house e can provide a car wash in the parking lot of a shopping center, offering a convenient service of cleaning cars during purchase. Today, we already have two well functioning car washes in Plock. However, apart from them, we also provide mobile services for several customers e also provide outbound services. We work in an area of up to 100 km.

One idea, many applications

The potential of mobile steam car washes is virtually unlimited. It goes far beyond car cleaning. – Yes, we usually clean car interiors , but e often undertake cleaning of construction machines and heavy-duty He was able to clean all the furniture, upholstery and carpets in his garage. Steam makes it extremely easy and efficient – admits Jaroslaw Sk ra with SteamPower. Steam technology does not generate waste water It can be successfully used in the interiors of houses and other buildings GreenSteam has provided mobile services to several clients, including hotels, offices and even server rooms or facilities ndustrial. Steam provides a high level of cleanliness and disinfection where it is needed – in catering, food production plants, schools, public transport or medical spaces. We clean facades, monuments, sidewalks, sports facilities and large transport vehicles in no time. – We often wash sofas, corner sofas, pouffes, chairs or carpets at our customers’. We are commissioned to clean tractors , weight The customer’s request can be fulfilled in one place and agricultural machinery cabins. We have even cleaned boats and caravans – m i Dariusz Marunowski with EcoCleaner. The working tool is therefore very malleable. Only the creativity and resourcefulness of the owner depends on how it will be used.

Solution ready to start

The traditional road from idea to own business is usually bumpy and strewn with formalities. And what experience in this matter have owners of Optima steam car washes distributed in Poland by GreenSteam? – This type of business can be started overnight, without the time-consuming formalities associated with permits – We are also in contact with the water and environmental authorities. Steam car washes don’t need it because they are an environmentally friendly solution. In addition, GreenSteam offers all the necessary solutions in the form of resources The carwash and car care equipment can be used for washing, cleaning and car care. Everything is available in one place. Easy and complete enough to make the idea of a car wash a reality practically right away – corresponds to clients owner of EcoCzyścioszek. The time saved can be invested in the development of a new product j company. Without worrying about the financing of the investment, kt The carwash can also be delivered in 0% installments, by leasing or by subsidy, in order to obtain which he GreenSteam will be involved free of charge.

A business that ry has steam in it

You do not need much to start – equipment plus hands willing to work. The costs of setting up and maintaining a mobile steam car wash are not high (no plumbing, no need to rent premises, no fees for water consumption and sewage production ). This allows you to get the profits you want much faster and go from zero to hero – like founder of SteamPower car wash. – The beginnings were difficult – head Due to the innovative cleaning method and the company’s management science. At present, our calendar is a week or two ahead and during the time before Christmas we cannot cope with all the orders. We try to attract you with a positive image on our Fanpage’u. But nothing works like a recommendation from a satisfied customer. Also owners of EcoCzyścioczek car washes proudly boast about their achievements: – In our two 12 people work in our car washes b. We operate 7 days a week for 10 hours a day. We have our first customers in fleet car washes. In addition, we run mobile services and more and more often we wash cars on the go. We are already a recognisable brand in Płock. We serve over 500 clients a month The number of customers is growing, with more than 60% of them being regular visitors. These are just examples, but they clearly show that this business has a few. Just want to use it and you can join the group of satisfied entrepreneurs .

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